“Heartless” and Updates

From the Sinned Knight’s personal Facebook post:

“‘Heartless’ was the first Sinned Knight single to make a massive impact, launching me to a success level I never thought I would achieve, let alone at that early of an age.

I had believed in myself, but maybe not as much as I had projected. There’s always that aphorism that goes around, stating that one should ‘fake it ’til you make it.’ Until that point, it wasn’t necessarily that…but, it was?

Now, some fun facts about the song ‘that mends broken hearts.’ It was written, recorded, and released in a span of less than five hours. The date of release was especially significant – May 5th, 2007, having started creation late the previous night.

In its time on MySpace (where my career got its start), it garnered over ONE MILLION PLAYS, in a pre-streaming service world, ushering in the beginning of a crazy period of my late teen life and giving me opportunities left and right for years to come…

Through that one song (and its sequel, ‘My Obsession’), I defined my style, gained new fans, friends, and created a community which has lasted years. Some of the people I treasure most in my life…I owe to my music, but, more specifically, that song…

We can learn a lot from the past… That, we can…”

The Sinned Knight will be releasing a collection, of sorts, of the first three albums, known as “Prelude to Journey: Breaking the Ice Somewhere In Between Life and Death.”

This will include songs from all three of his first albums – the ones that didn’t see a worldwide release via the channels that the last several releases have. This will ensure that the songs are able to be heard everywhere they haven’t yet been heard.

Stay tuned, as the next Sinned Knight album will be announced soon!





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