Rebuilding the Revolution

Spending a lot of time, lately, Rebuilding the Revolution, so to speak, making sure to remember where I started, but show the growth that’s come with many, many years of experience, change, and more.

What that means, from a perspective of development, I suppose, is that we’re going to be trying to make things bigger and better, with more emphasis on the brand of “SKP,” as a whole, instead of smaller pieces, while still giving those smaller pieces the attention they deserve.

Personally, I want to bring back the social aspect of the Revolution site, as it really started to feel like a tight-knit family. The main thing to start with, though, is throwing out the casting calls for a variety of projects, as well as adding a page to display characterization for filled roles that can be announced.

That way, we can display talent from many branches of the company. Does anyone have any thoughts about that? Feel free to let us know.





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